Our certifications affirm our commitment and methods. ISO 9001 certification is a guarantee that your satisfaction is our prime preoccupation.

We provide consistently high quality pharmaceutical products which are inline with consumer satisfaction and medically professional quality.

We encourage you to take every opportunity to connect with us. Contact us at admin@faaspharma.com

Have a look at our site, labs and machinery. We follow top-notch manufacturing practices.

Skills & Services

Who we are & what we do

Proficiency 100%
Customer Satisfaction 99%
Commitment 98%
Dedication 97%
Focus 96%
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Raw/Packaging Material and Finished Goods Specifications
  • Vendor Certification & Validation /Qualification
  • Training & Development
  • Audit Policy (Internal, Vendor)
  • FAAS estalished in 2013. We have state of art built manufacturing facelity. equiped with the modern high Tech, PLC controlled machine and most precise leading brand testing equipment.
  • The Plant is designed to manage high volume in all dosage form / therapeutic section such as Tablet, Capsule, Sachet, Oral Liquid, Dry Powder Suspension. FAAS has highly qualified technical employees who have local and multinational pharmaceuticals company exposure for maintaining uncompromising quality.
  • Currently, the company has progressively extended to encompass work force of over 150 employees.

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The quality in our products comes by following the best and standard practices followed internationally. We at FAAS make sure to deliver you the top most quality product. Want more insight about it ? Navigate to the very next tab.

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FAAS has always been committed to strict compliance with cGMP. local law of DRAP and international regularatory bodies standered such as FDA and WHO. Our ISO certified manufaturing facilities , Quality Control, Warehouse and marketing / distribution services, all endorse stringent standereds and meet international cGMP requirment.

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